OOTD: Leather Edition

Hello all! Today I was feeling dangerous haha and decided to wear leather leggings from Lysse. I got these over a year ago and have only worn them a once for a couple hours. I am always on Pinterest though looking up outfits people wear with leather leggings and always tell myself to do it but never do. Anyway the point is today was the day I finally took the leap and did it and I’m glad I did because I realized how much i really like the leggings haha.

My outfit consisted of leather leggings, my Adidas (which could use a nice cleaning), and my favorite black turtleneck sweater which I got at Walmart (I KNOW CRAZY). Since I was wearing the leather leggings for the first time in a while I wanted to keep it kind of simple especially since I was also going to be at work. I felt very put together, fashionable and comfortable in this all black look. As always I will list either the exact location of where I got everything or items quite similar to them!







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