Saw: My DIY Jigsaw Costume

Hey everyone welcome to my blog! Before we get started I just want to introduce myself. My name is Laurie I currently live in NYC and work in a men’s tuxedo showroom. I went to school for fashion and have only ever worked in fashion…i guess you could say I am kind of obsessed.¬†Okay well now that the introductions are out of the way lets get to it.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (besides my birthday of course!) because who doesn’t like to be creative and dress up as someone else for a night. Now idk about the rest of you but I hate buying costumes from Halloween stores because the quality is never very good and they are always a little too skimpy for my liking.So this year after weeks of changing my mind I finally decided that I wanted to be Jigsaw from Saw for at least one of many Halloween escapades. This was super easy to put together and I owned all the items so it didn’t cost me a dime!

FullSizeR (4)IMG_2472

Here is what you’ll need:

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